18 Apr

Choosing the Perfect Bridal Arch

  • April 18, 2018
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Just as choosing the right wedding dress is important, so as understanding and choosing the right arch is essential to your wedding. This is so because it is only rational to know that no matter how beautiful your wedding gown or dress is, the arch is where a lot of magical moments of the day is going to happen.

It is quite understandable that picking the right or let’s say perfect arch is a hard nut to break. So tricky that a wrong choice of flower, design, colors are tentative to soiling the real concept of the wedding.

Putting you through few but the logical pattern of choosing the right wedding arch is our goal. Below are the options you can choose from:


Be it indoor or outdoor, beach or an in-house wedding, different venue or surroundings differs in the choice of the arch that will eventually be used. Don’t get this wrong even if you get every other point; indoor décor is quite different from outdoor décor.

Your choice of colors to use for the indoor arch is relational to the painting on the wall of the said venue. A beach sort of decoration would prefer something natural and elegant at the same time when compared to just an open space.


The choice, in this case, is primarily dependent on your taste and choice. Be it silk fabric, synthetic flower or natural flowers; the goal is to get something as beautiful as possible. Elegance is important in this case. A beautiful beach arch might combine all these options and yet make it glamorous.

Don’t get tempted to use both if you are savvy with the combination because it can be ineffective. Stick to what can give you the desired results.


The key to having a ‘wow’ design is the creativity of the designer. This can’t be overemphasized at any point when it comes to arch décor.

The designer must be cognizance of the use of color, must understand the concept of the wedding, must be able to blend the use of fabric and flower flawlessly, must pay attention to little details that matter.


Is your concept crystal clear to you?

Can you communicate the concept efficiently to the designer?

If your answer is yes, then you are on your way to achieving the best possible creative arch designs ever! Therefore, most of the output of the arch is dependent on your ability to envision what you want from it.

There is more to choosing an arch that suits your wedding plans, budget, and concept than an amateur can handle. The above pattern will make the technical part as simplified as possible to even the rookie.