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Please see below for a list of our most commonly asked questions when it comes to Wedding Entertainment.

How do i choose music for my Wedding ?

Unlike other companies we offer a one on one consultations as part of our services to discuss your music preferences. We are also able to send a link so you can pick all of your favourite songs online if that is easier for you. Our DJs all have years of experience so they will be able to compile a playlist that best suits you and your guests needs.

What do i need to supply for the DJ ?

Our DJ Packages all include set up and pack down along with all appropriate cables. All we require is one power point and a table.

How much room will the DJ take up ?

Depending on the package the maximum size the DJ will require is 3m wide by 2m deep.

Do we need to feed the DJ ?

Most of our clients do provide one Adult meal for the DJ selected, as they are there for more then 5 hours. Although this is not necessary, it is much appreciated.

Are any of the Photo-booth packages DIY ?

If you want to pick up one of our Photo-booths you are welcome to. However any damage incurred will be at the responsibility of the hirer. Our packages all include delivery, set up and pack down as part of our services.

Are you sure its unlimited prints ?

Celebrate Entertainment provides unlimited prints for the duration of the package.

What areas do you service ?

Complimentary delivery is included in all of our packages for a radius of 45km from the Sydney CBD. We do service all areas outside of this, however you will need to call the office to organise a delivery charge if you fall outside of this radius.

Do any of your Photo-booths capture video ?

Yes, all of our photo-booths are able to capture high definition video. They aren’t only Photo-booths they are also video-booths.

Can you offer me a discount ?

Unfortunately not, we consider our prices to be competitive and fairly priced.

Is my deposit refundable ?

Booking deposits are none refundable.

Can i pick up the chairs ?

Yes you can with small orders. Orders of over 100 chairs require delivery.

How long is the hire for ?

Most of our items are hired on a day to day basis. However in some circumstances we do offer multiple day hire based on certain factors. If you require the item for more then one day please call the office to advise.

How many images do you take at our wedding or function ?

There is no limit to the amount of photos that we take as a company. We provide every image taken as part of our packages, we take time to capture the best moments and provide you with the highest selection for you to remember your Wedding day story.

How many weddings do you capture per year ?

Every year is different on average we capture 50 weddings a year.

Do you have public liability insurance ?

Yes we as a company have 30 million public liability insurance.

Do we get to meet you before the Wedding ?

Yes of course. We offer two complementary face to face consultations so that you are able to brief us on exactly what you expect and want for your Wedding or function.

How big an area will the fog cover ?

The Dry ice machine effect will cover quite a large area of at least 7m x 7m square. Depending on the room and the airflow we recommend that for the use of the machine most windows and doors be closed to eliminate air flow.

How much dry ice will we need ?

With all of our Dry ice packages we always suggest more is better then less. We always have enough dry ice on hand for a 7-8min effect on its slowest setting. If you want a faster quicker effect we would use the faster setting on the unit. The machine is something that cant be used continuously for hours on end as it would require kilos and kilos of dry ice and the price would not be cost effective.

Do you offer a DIY option for this Machine ?

Due to the technical & safety side of this machine we currently do not offer this machine as DIY.

Is delivery included in the price advertised ?

Yes. Free delivery is worked out on a 45km radius of the Sydney CBD, if you are outside of this please call our office to discuss what the delivery charge would be.

Can i decorate the arch myself ?

Yes you are able to. However any damage or dents caused to the paint of the arch will be at the hirer responsibility.

How long does setup take ?

With most of our arches we are able to have them set up and decorated within a 45 min period.

Im not sure if my desired venue allows for arches ?

As part of our service we will contact the venue to make sure that everything runs smoothly. We will liaise with the venue coordinator to make sure everything is perfect.

Do you service areas outside of Sydney ?

Yes we do service areas outside of Sydney. Delivery is complimentary for a radius of 45 mins from the Sydney CBD. Please contact our office for further information.

Are your hire products safe ?

Each individual globe and letter is fully pat tested and fitted with a RCD circuit breaker and is completely safe around all guests.

Can the letters be used outside ?

The letters can be used outdoors however they are not waterproof, so weather conditions need to be suitable.

Is set up provided in the quote ?

We will set up the letters upon the delivery of them, we will then collect them once the event is over.

How big are the letters ?

We have a range of sizes available ranging from 60cm tall up to 2metres tall, we suggest you ask one of our friendly staff about the size you want before placing an oder.

Can i pick up my order ?

Yes you can, we have both options available to all customers. When the equipment is picked up we are also able to give a demonstration on how the equipment works.

Do you offer insurance on the AV Equipment ?

Insurance covers only our transport and warehouse facility. Once hired it will be at the responsibility of the hirer.

Do you have a technician that can set up and operate the equipment ?

Yes of course! We don’t just dry hire our equipment, we have a dedicated team of operators as well. Give our office a call today to discuss this as an added extra.

What if i cant get the equipment to work ?

Celebrate Entertainment has a 24 hour a day call centre and our live chat is active always. In the event this happens we will be able to get the gear swapped out in most circumstances.

Can i meet the designer before ordering ?

We at Celebrate entertainment offer two complimentary face to face consultations as part of our design process.

When should i send my wedding save the date ?

We suggest typically 6 months before the weeding. However anywhere up to a year is fine to especially for destination weddings.

How many invitations should i order ?

Remember you might know the total number of guests invited however the actual invitation count will be lower. Some invitations will be family invitations and couple invitations so the number will be lower.

How long does the average oder process take ?

Depending on how many invitations and options you have selected the average turn around time including revisions is 21 days. We can obviously speed this up with our express service if needed.

If your question hasn’t been answered above or you need more information, please call one of our Wedding specialists on 1800 453 933 and they will be able to answer your query.