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Wedding DJ Hire Sydney

Every love story has a sound track! Every couple have songs or tunes which define their greatest moments of love. These musical accompaniments live inside them for the rest of their lives, in many instances. This is why the wedding DJ is an integral part of any truly memorable reception. The disc jockey, as much as the photographer, has a role in embedding the prototype events, which will make up the narrative of this formalised love story for ever more, hopefully. Choosing the right DJ is crucial for any wedding reception.

Whether you are an RNB, Dance, or Classical music lover, we have a DJ for you!

We are Sydneys leading Wedding DJ Hire Supplier


We Match the Right DJ to Your Wedding

Celebrate Entertainment is the preeminent wedding DJ hire service in Sydney. We do not just pair up DJs with wedding planners, we spend time ensuring that the right DJ is matched perfectly to your musical tastes. We understand how important it is to get the sound right and to have the appropriate music at the heart of your special day and night. You have invited friends and family to share this highpoint of your life. Everything needs to gel together and harmonise. A bad or mismatched DJ can ruin a wedding reception.

Serving Up an Audio Feast

It does not cost more to get things right, it just takes a little more application. We, as experienced industry professionals, know this and have based our business model around it. We want the client to be more than happy with their informed choice, over the moon would be great. In addition, the DJ enjoys the event more, knowing that he or she is reading the crowd correctly and serving up the audio feast they so desire. The more data and intel that we receive from our clients ensures that the dancefloor is full, and the wedding party is a great success.



BASIC PACKAGE – 4 Hours Dj Hire / Complete Music Customisation (Skype Consultation) /2 JBL Speakers & Stands + 4 Chauvet Led Par Cans / Delivery Including Set up & pack down /Shure Microphone for speeches & proceedings/ White DJ Screen Facade. This package is designed for small weddings 50-70 guests.


PREMIUM PACKAGE – 5 Hours Dj Hire / Complete Music Customisation (Skype Consultation) /2 JBL Speakers & Stands + 4 Chauvet Led Par Cans / Delivery Including Set up & pack down /Shure Microphone for speeches & proceedings / Hazer + Fluid / White DJ Screen Facade. This package is designed for medium weddings 80-120 Guests.


DELUXE PACKAGE –  5 Hours Dj Hire /  Complete Music Customisation (Skype Consultation) /2 JBL Speakers & Stands + JBL Sub + 4 Chauvet Led Par Cans  + 2 Moving Head Gobo + Custom Lighting Rig Including Truss Stands / Delivery Including Set up & pack down /Shure Microphone for speeches & proceedings / White DJ Screen Facade. This package is designed for larger weddings 150-200 Guests.


MC PACKAGE/HOST-  4 Hours Wedding MC Hire / Includes preparation of run sheet for reception / Addressing all formalities / Co-ordination with the venue prior to the event date. This can be added to any DJ package above.

Travel Charge

*Please note that the above packages are based on a 45km radius from Sydney CBD, any functions outside of this zone will incur a travel charge.


The happiest day of your life deserves to be accompanied by a one of a kind music score. This is why we provide fully personalised DJ services designed to help you add your own distinctiveness to your big day.

 Our team has hand selected each of our wedding DJ’s and we require them to have at least 5-years experience, with over 100 Australian weddings under their belt. This requirement ensures us the peace of mind in knowing we are sending you someone who knows how to do a great job. We want you to feel safe in putting your wedding music trust in us!

 Always immaculately presented, our wedding DJ’s blend perfectly into the background of your wedding reception and in doing so, help you immerse yourself in your own wedding entertainment experience.

You can personalise your wedding entertainment with our professional assistance. Our consultants are able to liaise with you to ascertain your musical preferences and to match them with the appropriately talented artists. Get the best wedding DJ for your reception and you will be on your way to ensuring the success of your special day or night. Our complete wedding entertainment hire and DJ packages come in a variety of sizes and budgets. Choose the one just right for your celebration.



Get the Complete Wedding Entertainment Package

Whatever the nature of your wedding, and all weddings are unique in their own way, we can assist with sound equipment hire and professional DJs. We can furnish your big day and night with a complete wedding entertainment hire package. These packages include: PA systems, microphones, speakers and DJ. They can, also, include, staging and lighting. Let us take the hard work and risk factors out of your wedding day. We will replace that with professionalism and talent in the entertainment department.

Our team of wedding DJs are experienced and good at what they do. We offer a variety of musical styles and genres to meet the tastes of a broad audience. You may want a DJ who plays classic rock and pop songs of recent eras, or something specifically retro, or R’ N’ B, Dance, or something hipper from the turntable of a club DJ, whatever your musical preference, we can match it to a professional DJ. Celebrate Entertainment is Sydney’s number one wedding DJ hire service.

We offer state of the art sound equipment for hire and our DJs are similarly equipped with high standard sonic gear. Pure and true sounds, great mixes, and powerful beats when required, are all on the menu. A huge range of songs are available for your selection via your DJ. Live entertainment options are, also, available for your perusal. We have percussionists, vocalists, duos, bands, and ensembles on our regular roster of professional acts.

The biggest day of your life deserves to be taken care of by the very best.

We’re dedicated to providing perfect wedding entertainment for you.


How do i know the DJ i book will be good enough for what i’m after ?

All of our Wedding DJ’s have at least 100 Weddings under their belt.

Wedding DJ Hire

There are a-lot of companies on google what makes yours any different ?

Celebrate Entertainment focus is Wedding Entertainment & Nothing Else!

Wedding DJ Hire


How do i choose music for my Wedding ?

Unlike other companies we offer a one on one consultations as part of our services to discuss your music preferences. We are also able to send a link so you can pick all of your favourite songs online if that is easier for you. Our DJs all have years of experience so they will be able to compile a playlist that best suits you and your guests needs.

What do i need to supply for the DJ ?

Our DJ Packages all include set up and pack down along with all appropriate cables. All we require is one power point and a table.

How much room will the DJ take up ?

Depending on the package the maximum size the DJ will require is 3m wide by 2m deep.

Do we need to feed the DJ ?

Most of our clients do provide one Adult meal for the DJ selected, as they are there for more then 5 hours. Although this is not necessary, it is much appreciated.